Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Style of Craft

Hi Everyone. I have had a busy few days Friday I was wrong late and did not have time to do a blog and yesterday I was in York with my mother.

So Day 4 the prompt was all about style.

I try to learn new techniques where I can and I watch a lot of videos and read magazine. But I do love to make Art Deco Cards. The style and 20’s look is amazing. I fell in love with the 20s era when I used to watch Agatha Christie's Poirot with the buildings and sharp d├ęcor and cloth's I really wished I was able to copy it back in the 90s while I was growing up.

These are just some of the Cards I have made with an Art Deco theme.

So when I stared doing cards and paper craft I just I was over the moon when I finally bought my craft CD filled with art deco stuff. As you can see.

When I have a moment to just play with my craft studio I also dip into my art deco collection to see what technique I should try next what would go well with certain ladies and finding new papers that will form together.

This would have to be my most proud with this card I have made I really just went to town making this card.

 I used almost all the charters and made a book rather than a card for my manager’s birthday. I even added a book mark at the end just so I can add a really different twist to a card.

My next card I plan to try twister decoupage with some new downloads I have found from a website called printable heaven

It’s strange when I looked at the prompt this morning I thought it was going to be a hard topic to write about but I could spend all day writing about my passion about Art Deco and make loads of Card with an Art deco style.