Thursday, 19 October 2017

another set of christmas cards.

Hello again

I just wanted to share another set of Christmas cards I made this morning. 

I did a reindeer one this time.

For the topper I used Black pigment ink, heat embossed the reindeer. and die cut the shape around it.

the background paper was free stash from magazines, I used some pattern blue card stock for the sentiment. 

Here is the final set the pattern paper stretched out to 4 cards but that ok. I think I made enough for this year. 

Hope you like them, Oh and have a lovely day. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A very productive day

Hi all 

Hope you are all well. 

I have had a few days off this week so I thought I will have a play around and get my crafting juices flowing as Christmas is coming. 

I am very lazy when it comes to making family and friend Christmas cards that it gets rushed last minute.

well this year...  I have shocked myself as well as I have made 10 cards already and there is another 10 to go tomorrow. 

So what have I been doing today I hear you cry.... Well Today I tried something new. water colouring. I have been inspired by a craft called Tina Martin She is very good at watercolour and her art work so far keeps making me think I should give it a go. I know I am not great but glad I had a play. I thought I start with something small. 

 So I made 6 of these, 1 being my test see how it goes design, I hit a few blocks with blending and getting the paint not to run out. Which you can see above, however I did not gave up and the other 5 are a lot better. so I die cut a circle around it and toppers done. 

Here is the topper complete ready to stick on to the card 🙂
I did not want to have the whole thing done with water colouring so I done the leaves and berries with pro makers that way the focus can be on the robins. 

for the rest of the card I kept it simple. I embossed mirror card and cut to size and put my topper in the middle. So now it looks a like this....

and the set looks like this ....

That was the first 5. and todays final 5 are...

So this set took a bit longer but I think that's because of the work behind it. 😄
I found a fireplace embossing folder that I have not used in a while. This morning I thought I will bet my paints and rub on paints out and have a play around with different textures. Here is the outcome of my work. 

So for the fireplace I used rub on paints and then stamped the logs and fire in the centre using my Tim Holts Platform. (To be honest I would have not done this without it.)
I then cut around the edge of the fireplace and made the Christmas stockings and added foam pads to give the look they were hanging in front of the fireplace. 

For the backing paper I found this in my stash of magazines (Cardmaking and papercraft) trimmed it to fit an A6 card base. Matted and layered it all together, the final 5 for today looks a bit like this.

I hope you all enjoyed what I have done today.

Tomorrow I have plans to make a few more and I cant wait to share these ones to everyone when they are done.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

March Card and craft makes

Hi everyone, So last time I shared my cards I made over February.

I really wanted to do the same for March.

Birthday Card 

I printed this sheet years ago and could not think what to make out of it. 

This Came from My craft Studio Package and I detailed the flowers by using flower soft to give it texture. 

I do apologise the camera was not great that day so the detail is not clear. 

Mothers Day Makes

So last year, my mothers day gifts were bag charms with fairies. I wanted to do something a little different yet still hand made.

I studies load and loads of you tub videos on how to make chocolates from moulds. My mum is a diabetic and cant have  lot treats due to strict diet. So I bought some special diabetic chocolate on line and made these just for her. I had so much FUN!!!!!😊 make them. 

I made the box to go with the chocolates using my ultimate tool. and used some of my free papers I have stashed away to make my lid. 

Mothers day Cards 

I do love stamping and I felt that I don't play with my stamps and inks enough. For these cards I experimented with masking and used one of my larger stamps and multi ink pads and stamped around a piece of white card. I then die cut some butterfly shapes to make my cluster embellishments. 

That's all my cards for March. I do hope you like my creations. Have a lovely day and happy crafting guys. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Cards I made over Feburary

I have just uploaded my photos from my Camera on to my laptop this evening. 

I wanted to share what I created over February 2017 with you all. 

Please feel free to leave comments as they are much appreciated. 

Hope you like them.

Vintage Lady Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for one of my Aunties, I made this lovely Vintage lady in a blue dress and embellished to match. 

The CD rom I used was La Femme by Craftartist.

Vintage floral card

I made this card for my mum's birthday. for the centre of the flowers I put gem stones to make them sparkle. 

I used my craft artist software and used the Vintage Lace digital pack to make my card.

Danny, the Champion of the World

I love using any of my Rolad Dhal CD Roms, I made this one for my dad. I really enjoyed reading this book when I was a child and I found a really nice image to make a toper and edge the corners with dark blue crystals gems.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

June crafting

Hi everyone

Really sorry I have not posted anything in ages. Work has got me tied up but its the end of the year now and most of my students have gone for the summer. Which means I am free to do me time :-)

So Ladies and Gents where should I start....
This month I have made the following cards.
A friend of mine at work is getting married next month. Using the Serif CraftArtist 2 software for this cute wedding couple bear. I also copied and past the main image so I can decoupage and give actual depth to the card. 
Same software, I created this card for my Aunt's birthday. I loved the frame of musical notes. I also copied and pasted the ballerina so I can add my personal decoupage to the card.
Don't get me wrong, I do love digital crafting. It's so much fun making your own topper and backing papers to make a card.
But where is the fun if your not using scissor and making shape with paper. 
Father's Day
This was fun. I used a Crafters Companion Die'sire Create a Card Accordion Die, to make a fathers day card. Then I die cut sheets of free papers I collect from magazines that where male related to put either side.

Stamping a frame to add dad in the middle. I lost the instructions to connect them but figured it out in the end.


ha ha ha
for my Minions card now I might do a special on this on next week as I loved making it and want to go into detail how I did this backing paper.
so a few months ago (Feels longer) me and my mother in law went to the ally pally craft fair in London. We saw a demonstration on a product called Brusho. It looked like so much fun I bought a pack. and its been sitting in my stash ever since.
My sister in law loves minions and I could not think how I was going to do a card then it hit me. Brusho.... The colours was amazing it was exactly what I was looking for pick out the main colours of the minion characters as the backing paper them add a group shot of them as the topper.
The other half thought I lost the plot till it dried up and had a trim and it looks so cool now that its come together.

the last card I have done this month is an anniversary card.
I made it for no reason at all. in fact I made quite a few of these because I had time in my schedule of not working.
So I have added this on folksy for a cheap deal £2.50 and very proud that I made them. I love this card because its all cute and lovey dovey. 
so yes that's what I have done this month. College is coming to a close and we are at the wrapping up stage. I have lots of project of crafting and cant wait to show you guys.  I promise I will write a piece about brusho I am so excited to explain what I did and the techniques that are best for me and my card making very very soon. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Funny Story

So I got home Monday evening planing to write my blog to show case all the cards I made last week when... My lovely husband looks at me with his sad eyes an said to me. "I cant find my phone" 

He tracked it down through GPS and we can see that its traveling to Cambridge. If anyone picked up his phone and saw the bunch of miss calls from one person to then find out its on silent. Long story short I have spent 2 and half hours going to Cambridge and back with hubby dearest to get his phone back. I cant thanks the team over there as a member of staff found it answered the 8th time I called and looked after it till we got there.

I have a nice hot cup of tea at 9.30pm and I am really excited to tell you all what I have done last week and where I am now with all my cards for the period of March.

Leaving Cards

I had quite a few people leave work this month that I have been very busy trying to make lovely cards for people I know and I am going to miss now that they are gone.

So I will start at the top.

A good friend of mine has moved to Cornwall to be closer to her family.


A colleague at work was retiring this month so I made a lovely fishing card for him with loads of jokes to entertain his grand kids with now that he will be at home more.

I just finished this card last Thursday I am very proud of this one. So my Friend Liz who I have know for 7 years now at work is leaving us for pastures new. I have no doubt that I will see her again through night outs etc but we always had a laugh and supported each other in different roles we have gone through over the years. So I really wanted to make a special card for her, and here it is. She has not seen it yet but I have asked everyone she has worked with for funny stories and picture I can put inside to remember the good and ad times while she has been working with us.


I hope you all like what I have done last week. Have a lovely evening. I am off to bake a cake for work now.

Mel xx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

How I've Grown

Hi All 

Hope you are all well? 

Strange yet interesting thing happened yesterday. I was scrolling through my old cards that I have taken pictures of and noticed my crafting has changed and become better with age. 

I started making cards back in 2008. It was my mother in law who introduced me to crafting really. She has her own craft space and made cards before I knew her and she let me go in there to make cards for family.

I started to get the bug and got a few things by myself and borrowed bit from her room if I could not find what I was looking for.  

Looking at my history, my first card I made was for mothers day's in March 2008 so here it is. 

My first card ever back in 2008
I did laugh at my self as it shows that I knew nothing about crafting and in crafting terms such a child at the start.

8 years later and this is what I have my mother in law and my mum for mothers day.

Mothers Day Card 2016

My Jewelry has had the same experience.

I made all these when I was in class for making custom jewelry in 2008.

Now a days I watch a lot of videos and read what others are making. But when I do make pieces they look like this. 

Self evaluation...

I have grown up in my crafting and I am so proud with myself as 8 years ago I did not believe in myself and getting praise for my work still shocks me. 

I have been very busy this week and I cant wait to show you all in the next few days. 

enjoy your Sunday. 

Mel xx