Saturday, 16 June 2012

Free Downloads

Last night I was reading blogs and and the do crafts forum and I came upon on thread that I though wow I am up for that this weekend.

it was an old post back in March. Emma was asking If anyone has been downloading all our gorgeous printable and using them on your cards please send me a link ( to your docrafts gallery.

the brought a flood of inspirations and printed off a copy of the Birdcage and love birds and started make cards from 11am this morning I hope you like what  I have made so far.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My busy start to the week

Over the bank holiday weekend I did nothing... Just watched a lot of create and craft shows and watching movies slept and had take away. It feels that it was a long time ago now.

I know it’s been a week but I just wasted it away doing nothing and now I feel bad as I could have used the time to make all my cards for June and made some jewellery pieces. Oh well I hope you guys used the time well.

But I did spend the last three days crafting with swing with designing and then finished all the pieces which I am very happy about. I just need to remember to post the one that I won’t be seeing and then that would be it.

Birthday Card for my Aunt who loves fairies.

This is the finished card I mentioned last month for my sister in law who really likes purple.

Father's Day Card for my husband's Dad
who we will see on the day.

So I have added more layers to his card.

With this Father's Day card I am sending this to my dad
but I put this in the post as he's a bit far for us to travel to.

and I have also done less layers so it can post out without breaking.

Anniversary card for may parents ready for the end of the month.

I know I have gone Popcorn mad but I love that bear.

This is my work of art for the month

I have made my first concertina card for
my nephew who will be 1 next week.

I am very happy with the last card I know hes one but I have photo's.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy your week.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I made it

Hi everyone I know I am 5 days late but I started the 31days blog prompt and I intend to finish it today was the only day I had free to myself to write it out.

The final blog prompt is: Write about your experience of the Creativity Club 31 blog prompts...

I have really enjoy doing the creativity club blog prompt I have made more friends by doing this and realised that there is a bigger community in craft no matter what your style is weather its card making, jewellery or wood work.

I am so glad that I am a member of do crafts creativity club and I won’t be spending my time on the download page and TV. I have learnt in myself that I will also be more involved in the forums and read other crafters messages from there blogs or they have something to say in the forums.

I have also learnt that it’s really hard to do a daily blog with my busy life but I am going to continue on a weekly basis to keep blogging weather it’s what I have done this week, sharing a joke or a funny story if I have no projects to show you.

When I started in the 1st May ... My gosh that was a long time ago. I knew nothing about blogging and I had no interest in progressing but now that I am at the end I have changed my mind. I have learnt the basic settings and found a great way to show off my stuff to my followers and new people who finds my page. So on the weekends I will be blogging and taking pictures to show you all what I am up to. I have also discovered that I am no longer the quite one that comes into do crafts to download the free paper and sketches and watch Creativity TV.

Thank you Claire for doing this for us I have learnt so much about blogging and challenge making cards on things I might be doing. I would be happy to do it again you have converted me on blogging.

I hope everyone is enjoying the on bank holiday I am off to make a 1st birthday card for my nephew I have lot of inspirations flowing so I am off to my craft table and will show it off soon.

Lots of love


Saturday, 2 June 2012


My 5 things I love when I am not crafting.

Hope you enjoy.

Mr David Oliver


Hot wings


Jewllery Making and Card Making
I cant help it.

10 things about me...

Day 29 was to blog 10 things about me...

1.      I grew up in Chingford Essex.

2.      I am the eldest of 2 girls in the Julien family

3.      I took up crafting when I met my husband’s family who showed me paper crafting and card making

4.      I have a great job that I love and progressing well in.

5.      I love to travel and planning to visit Scotland to ride the steam train in the highlands.

6.      I really love eating cake and chocolate

7.      I have a lot of good friends

8.      I love watching movies my favourite so far would be Down with Love.

9.      I moved into Hertfordshire with Dave 2002

10.  I really love to craft.