Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I made it

Hi everyone I know I am 5 days late but I started the 31days blog prompt and I intend to finish it today was the only day I had free to myself to write it out.

The final blog prompt is: Write about your experience of the Creativity Club 31 blog prompts...

I have really enjoy doing the creativity club blog prompt I have made more friends by doing this and realised that there is a bigger community in craft no matter what your style is weather its card making, jewellery or wood work.

I am so glad that I am a member of do crafts creativity club and I won’t be spending my time on the download page and TV. I have learnt in myself that I will also be more involved in the forums and read other crafters messages from there blogs or they have something to say in the forums.

I have also learnt that it’s really hard to do a daily blog with my busy life but I am going to continue on a weekly basis to keep blogging weather it’s what I have done this week, sharing a joke or a funny story if I have no projects to show you.

When I started in the 1st May ... My gosh that was a long time ago. I knew nothing about blogging and I had no interest in progressing but now that I am at the end I have changed my mind. I have learnt the basic settings and found a great way to show off my stuff to my followers and new people who finds my page. So on the weekends I will be blogging and taking pictures to show you all what I am up to. I have also discovered that I am no longer the quite one that comes into do crafts to download the free paper and sketches and watch Creativity TV.

Thank you Claire for doing this for us I have learnt so much about blogging and challenge making cards on things I might be doing. I would be happy to do it again you have converted me on blogging.

I hope everyone is enjoying the on bank holiday I am off to make a 1st birthday card for my nephew I have lot of inspirations flowing so I am off to my craft table and will show it off soon.

Lots of love