Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My busy start to the week

Over the bank holiday weekend I did nothing... Just watched a lot of create and craft shows and watching movies slept and had take away. It feels that it was a long time ago now.

I know it’s been a week but I just wasted it away doing nothing and now I feel bad as I could have used the time to make all my cards for June and made some jewellery pieces. Oh well I hope you guys used the time well.

But I did spend the last three days crafting with swing with designing and then finished all the pieces which I am very happy about. I just need to remember to post the one that I won’t be seeing and then that would be it.

Birthday Card for my Aunt who loves fairies.

This is the finished card I mentioned last month for my sister in law who really likes purple.

Father's Day Card for my husband's Dad
who we will see on the day.

So I have added more layers to his card.

With this Father's Day card I am sending this to my dad
but I put this in the post as he's a bit far for us to travel to.

and I have also done less layers so it can post out without breaking.

Anniversary card for may parents ready for the end of the month.

I know I have gone Popcorn mad but I love that bear.

This is my work of art for the month

I have made my first concertina card for
my nephew who will be 1 next week.

I am very happy with the last card I know hes one but I have photo's.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy your week.