Saturday, 30 May 2015

Half Term

Morning All

What a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is out and I am just watching you tube videos and watching Tottenham V Sydney FC friendly on BT Sport 1.

I have had a lovely week. My work place was so quite because its half term and majority of our students should be studying and revising for there GCSE exams coming up next week. So I used my time wisely 4 days catching up with paperwork, emails and enquiries  for IT courses. 

I have to admit 4 day week was too short and wish I had more time of the quite and not being interrupted by the door. :-) 

I have been doing a bit of crafting this week. I made a Shambarla bracelet. was quite surprised how well it turned out as I have not done it before and they look complicated. but it was not. really enjoyed making it and have been showing it off at work all week. 

Later today I am going to a family friends 50th Birthday and I made this cupcake shaker card for her. I used the paper-mania cupcake range and stamped and coloured the toper using my pro markers. 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend I am going to finish off the friendly game then get ready to leave for a birthday party. 

Love Mel xx

Monday, 25 May 2015

Ebay Boot Sale

Evening all

A few months back myself and my mother in law had a clear out of our crafting rooms with all the tool's we just won't use. 

Whither it's been from modern technology, or we bought on impulse and we can't see where we will use it now. So we had a chat and agreed that we did not want to trow them away but sell it to people who wants it. 

I have been meaning to do this way before Christmas ok October but one thing lead to another and now here I am.

A corner filled with boxes of stamps. 

my living room filled with boxes and my procrastination can not go on any longer. (LOL)

Now I don't have a car so car boot sales wont be possible. However with the power of the internet I can have a car boot sale from my own home. (Ebay boot sale) 

My plan is to sell them in collections / small job lots and hope they go to a good home. All stamps have come from a Smoke and Pet free home. All the stamps have been cleaned to the best they can using alcohol & scent free baby wipes. 

Most of them are wooden stamps but over the weekend you will get to see what we have found in our rummage while I catalog them on ebay.

today is my first 2 set for auction. 

I have made a promise to my husband that every Friday night I will list 2 new sets till I have an empty floor. Wish me luck guys. 

Oh wait I also need your help. If you know anyone or your self who are looking for more stamps for your / their collections at home please pass my blog around. I will be flooding all social networks but I do appreciate your assistance as well. 

Hope you have a lovely long weekend. 

Mel xx

Sunday, 10 May 2015

So tired

I love birthday's making cards for girls/ladies they are so easy I have so much card & paper stock, embellishments and ribbons I can make a card in no time. However for men "WOW" that's hard. I just can't find the right mix that is manly enough, even if I have CD rom's to make a card. 

So when I found out that a member of staff at work's (Male) birthday is coming up my heart sank. There is no way I can make a card that will fit his personality and have bits to create a card. 

Luckily the idea hits me... Peter (The Birthday Boy) it a bit of a joker and love telling us jokes, so I made a very nice male card with a sail boat but the insert was filled with loads of jokes I found off the internet. His personal Joke book. So it was more like a card and present combined. He absolutely loved it that its on his desk and uses the joke to entertain us. 

Return from Bank Holiday...

Why is it when you come back from a bank holiday weekend all nice and refreshed the next 4 days becomes over worked, over tired and wonder to your self what just happened? This week I had to work over time for 3 day's doing 12 hour shifts since Tuesday - Thursday catching up with Reports, Calls and emails and supporting Adult Students with there course work. Yep have not had much sleep :-( 

By Friday it was time to get crafting. My friends baby girl turned 4 this week and we were invited to her birthday. I was so sick of making Frozen cards (Cant understand why this has not gone yet) I made this really lovely owl card for her. 

Saturday afternoon the card is ready and the birthday present is in my bag half way down the road I realize that I forgot to bring my phone so had no pictures. My Friend had hired Elas and Anna to come and wish happy birthday and play and dance with the kids. In all my life I have never met so many shy and quite children in the same room LOL. The one day I forget to bring my phone and the funnest moment happens. Oh well.  

Future projects...
I was talking to my husband this week and I was telling him I really want a new jacket to wear when I go out at weekend, friends house you know nothing special just to put over a top. But this year I want to make it myself with my own style. 

It all came about when I was trawling through crafting websites and saw that there are loads of projects that can be done with the sewing machine and I thought it would be fun. 

All the prep work has been done. Large roll of paper, pattern design and I think I know what fabric I want to have. I just need to put it all together and sew it. 

Oh and another project I want to do this month is clear my craft room as I have so many stamps stuff that I will never use. My plan is to set them on ebay and wish they go to a good home. So please keep your eyes on my blogs as I will share the link to you guys as well. 

Hope you all have a lovely week and have lots of crafting projects to work on.