Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stats so far...

Hi all

Mondays prompt is to write about the post that has been really popular on your blog so far in May.

I have looked at the states and here it is....

I know I have 6 followers so far but we are come close the end of the 31 day blog prompt and I have learnt so much about bloging and I want to thank you all for following and reading my page I proise to keep it going.

Also thank you Alice Morland for helping me yesterday with my comments part of my blog.

Most view blogs this week

Evening all

I can’t believe we are so close to the end of our 31 day blog prompt.

So Sundays prompt was to create a roundup of all the crafty blogs that you have been reading this week!

Last week I have been readying a lot of other peoples blog prompt and found them all very interesting and trying to leave comments where I can.

So here are the links of the blogs I have been reading since last Monday.

Annie -              Annie's Cards and Chat

Sarah Millsop - Beader's Companion Blog

Andrea -           Little-Lady's Crafts

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Childhood memories and aspirations

I am going to merge 2 blogs in one

Day 25th is to blog about your childhood memory and day 26th is you doing now what you had always wanted to do when you were a child? What was your dream job as a child?

My fondest memories would have to be, when the old estate was around where I lived. I lived on a council estate for 16 years. The council decided to demolish it and turn in to housing sad times. The children stopped playing out and crime became more so the community was no longer the same. But while we were a happy community the kids ran the estate. During the summer I remember my Nan would allow me and my sister to play on the podium or in the corridors on her block. A group of us would get together and play knock down ginger. It’s a horrible game if you were older but great for us. The aim of the game is to knock on someone’s door preferably someone you don’t know and run off before you get caught. I know I know it’s a cruel thing to do but it kept us fit with all the running.

Another thing I used to love when I was younger is the estates community hall. Groups were run by parents to keep kids entertained. Short play, sport activities, picnics and my favourite the Chingford hall scouts. When we were young we did not want to be anywhere else.

I wish I had photos to show you of the estate, and the groups I would play around with but we never took photos while we were playing my parents only took pictures if there was a special occasion.

When you’re a chid you go through the same old answers to this question “what would you like to be when you’re older” I might have gone through them all, a nurse, a spy, a firewoman, and also wanted to be a violinist. I even studied hard in secondary school to take it seriously. When I finished secondary school I just got to the point like most children I was no longer interested. I now work at a college as an IT services co-ordinator and help on the service centre.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Craft shop -V- On line

This was a debate that went a bit further then I planned. I had it all ready to publish on Thursday night and then I spoke to my husband when he got home then I was unable to decide until today.

So the question was… Are you (me really) more of a fan of craft shopping online or do you believe in supporting your brick & mortar shop.

I thought on line would get my vote as I can always find the best deals or better value on line if all else fails EBay for those items you’re not willing to pay the earth for.

But then my husband said something that changed my mind. “You drag me out to town so you can visit craft shops like Hobby Craft and The Range so you’re more of a Shop, shop kind of a girl.” But my reason is because I want to see what the product looks like and then compare the price with postage and if it’s better at the shop I go back. Hitchin has a lot of Art shops which stock a bit of craft items but not a huge range. If I want to go to Stevenage and get bits at the big craft shops I tend to do my research first at mad about cards or do crafts and way up the £2.50 ticket that gets me to Stevenage and see who wins.

But then I go to create and crafts website and see deals you just can’t say no to and plus I get 10% off the price as well for being a member which make me keep changing my mind.

So when I got home I asked my sister what she thinks as she know what I’m like and what I’m thinking. She also agreed with Dave that I am more of a hand on look then buy person and I spend too much money in shops so I’m really confused. Can’t I just like both…?

Yes I can. Both have good qualities that I cannot tell apart. I love to walk in to an art/craft shop and look at products that have details on and bits you have not seen on line before. In Stevenage there is an indoor market where I have found this lovely small cramped with goodies shop/stall she had some beautiful topper and decoupage sheets that I have not seen online or seen in the big stores. Which reminds me I have to go back there for something else, but it was so nice a little Aladdin’s cave with embellishments and tools for crafting.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Favourite Craft Shop

Ohh shopping I love shopping… 

There are a few places I go for crafting goodies. Now if you asked me last year where do I shop I would have said Hobby Craft however. I have found a new haven I can go and it not far from hobby craft and they are cheaper. J I absolutely love the Range in Stevenage my mother in law introduce me to the Range.

 I also shop on line and spend a lot of pennies with Create and Craft. Every year I get a £10 voucher when I renew and I also get 10% off what more do you need.

Inspired by Home

Evening all

How is you mid-week finding you? I have just come home from Pilates and I'm all stretched and ready for the weekend.

Yesterday's prompt was to make a card or scrapbook inspired from about something around your home.

So last night I scanned my living room while I was tiding and saw my arrangement of roses that needed a bit of dusting. So when I sat down to start on my card I lost the inspiration on roses and pop in my head was fairies and here is my final decision.

I rarely make a pink card as I am not a girly girl but after stretching and relaxing I just went all out on the pink today. I even found some pink glitter glue which I thought I did not have and glittered the fairies wings.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Inspired By Colour

What a busy evening I have had today.

Today’s prompt is colour and what better way to explain is if I write about a card I am working on.

When I make a card for someone like family I try and get inspired with their personal traits or there hobbies and work from there. I am working on a birthday card for my lovely sister in law Sam. Her favourite colour is purple and most of her accessories are shades of purple I'm the same with blue every years I tend to make cards that I know that she will love for example Eeyore from Winnie the Poo which I have done to death over the years.
My First card in 2009

This year I thought I will do something a little different. And just focus on one thing, a colour which is perfect timing for this prompt really.

It’s not completely finished but I can show you the current layout.

I hope you like it so far I am waiting for the sentiment topper to dry but I can finish the layering tomorrow night.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I am thankful for...

I am thankful for my crafting table and space.

Earlier in the month I mentioned my little bit of haven in the flat. 3 years ago my husband was clearing out his office so I can have my crafting wardrobe so Dave offered me his old desk. It took a while for me to find the right place for it but I finally found the best spot surrounding light from the bay window and some extra space around me to leave my creativity! Mug.

The only thing I need now is a comfortable folding chair.

In a word.

Using one word, describe yourself and then ask another blogger to do the same.

Oh this is hard I have many words that can describe me. So after a cup of coffee and debating in my head

So my word is focused.

I know a lot of my followers don’t know me very well but if you would like to comment then please leave a comment.

Spring Cleaning

I do not like to write about this prompt so it will be a short one.

The prompt for Day 18 is to write about spring cleaning what is your favourite cleaning product and the advert that always makes you buy. 

Well I can’t stand cleaning so I will always find the quickest way to do the dusting and hovering. If I had money to hire a Maid to clean my house I would. I just can’t stand cleaning.

I see the adverts for ease cleaning and I get sucked in so easily. For example cleaning wipes for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Furniture.

While I am writing this I saw this advert for a floor cleaner. The price just put me off.

I dedicate this card to...

Prompt Number 17 of the Creativity Club 31 Day Blog Prompts is to create a card a dedicate it.

So I made this card today in readiness for my aunt’s birthday which is at the end of this month.

This Card is dedicated to my Aunt Clodine.
Happy Birthday.
I hope you all like this card as well.

Do I scrapbook?

I needed help with this prompt as I don’t really scrapbook my photos. I tried but I just never know who to put it all together. When I look at the sketch a month downloads they look so easy but then I panic and buy a photo album instead.

But then my lovely husband said when I told him that the prompt is about subject of scrapbooking. I would love to know if you DO and why you DO IT and if you DON'T why DON'T YOU? His response was you are a scrap booker just not on paper. And he’s right I just keep memories in a different way.

I collect postcard, pens and fridge magnets along my travels.

Where ever I go in the flat I see memories of Monkey world, York and the other found trips we have been on.

Also most on my photos now digital so they are part of my screen saver on the TV.

Here are a few that I get to see every day.

Lyme Regis 2009

Donkey Sanctuary 2009

Paris 2005

Paris 2005

York 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Hello all

15th Day of the Do craft Prompt was to talk about your guilty pleasures.

I am sure a lot of people will say the same thing but mine is… Sweets and chocolate I eat bars of chocolate 3 -4 times a day.

My favourite chocolate brand is Galaxy.

I also like a bag Haribo if I can get my hands on them.

At work I have a draw filled with chocolate bars and bags of sweets, Haribo pin balls, star mix pack, curley wurley dairy milk and galaxy bars.

 In Hitchin there is a Mr Simms Sweet shop it’s my favourite place to go for penny sweets I use to get when I was a child. Last week I spent 5 minutes trying to explain the rhubarb and custard cables which got me a little bit embarrassed.

Well this is my guilty pleasure. Please share yours in the comments.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A day in a life

This was a tough one as I am so busy this week that I could not find the time to sit down and type a typical day. So when is a better time to type about my day…? The weekend. This morning I got up and packed my bag ready to go to Zumba. I set off for my 15 minute walk to the gym where I go for my classes and set my sport tracker on my phone.

When I arrived at Back on Track ltd. The Pilates class was just finishing up so I went and waited in the canteen. While I was waiting I check how far I walked and saw that 1.37km in 15 mins at an average speed of 4.56km/h. I am very proud of myself so I went in to the room where we were going to Zumba and there was only 4 other ladies there for the class. Very surprising but our instructor Leanne said that there is a weekend boot camp so most of the members were there. So the 5 of us and the instructor started our session, wow was it hard with a small group you get noticed very quickly if you did a wrong step. Leanne added a new track J-Lo “on the floor” and we picked up the moves very quickly. So After an hour of a good work out I walked home and called my husband to make my tea ready for my return.

I got home and had my cup of tea had a shower and got changed. My husband Dave reminded me that we were going in to Hitchin Town this afternoon so I quickly got my purse and a few bags and went off to town. We got lunch from Greggs and sat outside the church and relaxed while eating our sausage rolls.  We got our shopping and went back home and then I Sat on my crating area and watched a bit of the create and craft in the classroom with Barbra and practiced my stamping. I was watching episode 6 where she was using the Clarity stamps Blooming Corner Kit Lesson 6 Includes 6 Stamps. I don’t have any of these but I just used what I had to practice a long with.

I must have got ½ through when it dawned on me that I have 4 cards to make by mid-june and time is running out. My current to-do list is

  • Sister-in-Laws birthday
  • Husbands Aunts birthday
  • 2x Father’s Day
  • Catch up with my Blog prompts.

I have the ideas I just need to put the topper together.

So that’s pretty much my day. It’s not exciting but I think it was a really nice relaxing weekend. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Take care

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Favourite craft product

Good afternoon and what a lovely afternoon it is.

The sun is shining 2 days in a row now and there is a nice little breeze to accompany the weather.

If the weather holds out next weekend I would really like to have my 1st BBQ for the year.

Today’s Prompt from Do Craft Creativity is to write about your favourite craft products.
It was hard to think which products are my favourites so I thought what are my top 5 items I could not do without at home? This helped me a bit

The Ultimate Crafter's Companion Pro by Crafter's Companion

It took me a while to master the pro but now I just absolutely love it. It helps me score my cards easily and I do not have to worry about measuring as most of the lines are there for me. I bought this so I don’t have to buy pre scored card stock and then I can have different size card. I also love that I can emboss and make envelope with this and very easy to put away under my desk when I am done. It’s a must have if you are limited to space I think.

Pinfliar silicon glue

I really don’t need to explain why this is a favorite as I am sure you will all agree easy to use and it works for whatever project you are working on. Without it I will be lost

Collection of backing papers

I subscribe with cardmaking and papercraft magazine because I just love the free gift they give readers for the last 2 years.  Every now again they will put fabulous free luxury paper and I love using then for all occasions. Not only that each month I there is 4 bonus papers that fits with the season which I can also download and reuse time and time again. Do craft backing papers are also gorgeous when there are any available for download.  

Big Shot

Why is this my favorite product I will explain. Its electronic, it can die cut, emboss and can take other die cutter products. It’s at easy reach from my desk and I love to cut toppers into different shapes for dimension.


I cannot live without them weather they are gems, Buttons or ribbons I also make room to add embellishments on my cards. Before pin flair I always felt that something was missing as I did not want to add a gem using foam pads now as you will start to see in my work I add a something on the side or corner.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I love storage

Evening all

I am back on track with my blogging I do love the weekends you can catch up with the housework, projects and even blogs.

Day 12: today write about your storage solutions for both outside and inside.

Storage is a big problem for me as I live in a small flat with me and my husband. So when it comes to storage well I think I have most of Wilkinson’s and Argos in my flat for all my stuff.

I'm not trying to say that I live out of boxes but I have to admit I do have a lot of stuff. My main point would be my DVD's I have 3 books shelves filled with TV series, movies and documentaries. It has come to the point where I have to say that I don’t want presents for my birthday even though season 7 of Bones is due to come out in October and there has been a few blockbusters where will want them on DVD or Blu-ray.

By my favourite storage solution has to be my 1Terabyte NAS drive storage. its connected to all my Digital papers and stamps etc. for crafting but it also have all my music as MP3 so the only disk showing are collector’s items which won’t open anymore they are too valuable to us.

You have already seen my crafting wardrobe and Draws where I keep my embelishment and tools when I need them.

I think I need to save up for a bigger house what do you think?

I am off to read other blogs and watch a movie. Night all.

Showing off my craft room

I am so happy I am nearly upto date with my bloggings.

So here we go Day 11 of the Creativity Club 31 Day Blog Prompts yesterday was to write about and show off photographs of your craft room.

I live in a small flat so space is very limited for me. Last year My lovely husband created some sapce in the corner of our living room.

Its not a huge space but I really like it considering that I used to work on the dining room table and then I had to rush to make a card so I dress the dinner table.

I keep all my card stock and bits in my draws and a wardrobe in the spare room

I hope you like my crafting space.

You gotta Smile

I am going to like this prompt.

For day 10 for me it was very simple. Blog about what makes you smile.

I love watching Mort the lema on the peguin episodes. He always makes me smile.

Can not wait to read what everyones choices are.

Qoute for the Day

In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away
A week in Paris with my husband back in 2005

Final Year at secondary school and making my own music
Meeting my cousin from Mauritius for the first time

Friday, 11 May 2012

My Poor Back

I went to Pilates last night and it was my first time doing this type of exercise.

Normally I go to a Zumba class on a Saturday morning. It’s a 15mins walk from my house so it’s not far away. I will be the first to admit it I am not the fittest person in the world but a friend of mine who I work and go to Zumba with suggested that we should try Pilates and it will make up flexible.

I woke up this morning with aches and pain all day. I am now lying in my bed with my laptop catching up with blogging. I do feel ashamed that I am moaning about my back as this should be good for me.

My Friend Pam who is older than I am called me this morning to see how I am and after I found out that she is not in a lot of pain I had to lie and say I was fine. :-(

Will I do it again next week....? Yeah I think I might. Night everyone.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Books books books

Day 8: the prompt for Tuesday is What book are you reading at the moment? Share a project inspired by this book

This is a strange one to write about as I have just finished re reading a book from James Patterson 4th July.  It’s about a Police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer takes leave from the force after being sued for wrongful death after a recent shootout. She stays at her sister’s house in Half Moon Bay, and reads about murders that resemble one that haunted her for 10 years. She joins with the local police to solve the murders, while dreading her awaiting trial.

But I am also reading and reading more now that I have finished the James Patterson book about Indian fairy tales on my Tablet via Amazon Kindle. They are short stories about 21 fairy tails These Indian tales resemble the stories that flourished in Europe, such as the tales by the Brothers Grimm and by Aesop, although they have an Indian flavour.

I am starting to like my tablet I bought. When I first thought about buying one I just kept thinking I won’t use it and it will be a lot of money for a toy I will use for a month and that’s it. But it’s been 2 months now and I have not put it down. My table is archos 10.1 is so beautiful sleek and light weight. The only problem I have is that it’s not ideal yet for my crafting needs but it’s nice to have on my bed side table I have a bit more space. :-)

I am going to make a card tomorrow as Fridays I have more time to spend crafting and I think I will use the Indian Tales as my theme.


Evening all

Yes I am aware of the date but I have been busy with work and then Pilates but I will tell you about my pain later.

For day 7 the prompt is to write about your bank holiday memories as a child and how they differ now.

When I was younger my parents used to take me and my sister to the seaside on a Sunday. Off the top of my head these are the following places I can remember.

  • Dover
  • Folkestone
  • Hastings
  • Ramsgate
  • Moorgate
  • Moorgate
  • Clacton on Sea
  • Felixstone

And most of all my Top Fav
Me Mum and Dad at Southend


My mum would take us to church and then afterwards myself mum, dad my sister and my Nan and aunty would get on the train with my mums family network rail card and go off to the seaside. To this day I keep thing about the sea and I have gone further west of England as well. It so nice for the sun to shine the sea air and to get sandy toes the memories.

I wish I could show photos but I have none of them scanned so my project for the weekend is to make a scrap book page with my best photos and I will add them later so please look out for Part Two. (Photos have now been added)

Me and my Mum on Southend pier

Now most of my bank holidays I use the time to clear out the flat making cards. I really need to learn how to drive and go to each seaside for the day on weekends like my mum used to do.