Saturday, 19 May 2012

A day in a life

This was a tough one as I am so busy this week that I could not find the time to sit down and type a typical day. So when is a better time to type about my day…? The weekend. This morning I got up and packed my bag ready to go to Zumba. I set off for my 15 minute walk to the gym where I go for my classes and set my sport tracker on my phone.

When I arrived at Back on Track ltd. The Pilates class was just finishing up so I went and waited in the canteen. While I was waiting I check how far I walked and saw that 1.37km in 15 mins at an average speed of 4.56km/h. I am very proud of myself so I went in to the room where we were going to Zumba and there was only 4 other ladies there for the class. Very surprising but our instructor Leanne said that there is a weekend boot camp so most of the members were there. So the 5 of us and the instructor started our session, wow was it hard with a small group you get noticed very quickly if you did a wrong step. Leanne added a new track J-Lo “on the floor” and we picked up the moves very quickly. So After an hour of a good work out I walked home and called my husband to make my tea ready for my return.

I got home and had my cup of tea had a shower and got changed. My husband Dave reminded me that we were going in to Hitchin Town this afternoon so I quickly got my purse and a few bags and went off to town. We got lunch from Greggs and sat outside the church and relaxed while eating our sausage rolls.  We got our shopping and went back home and then I Sat on my crating area and watched a bit of the create and craft in the classroom with Barbra and practiced my stamping. I was watching episode 6 where she was using the Clarity stamps Blooming Corner Kit Lesson 6 Includes 6 Stamps. I don’t have any of these but I just used what I had to practice a long with.

I must have got ½ through when it dawned on me that I have 4 cards to make by mid-june and time is running out. My current to-do list is

  • Sister-in-Laws birthday
  • Husbands Aunts birthday
  • 2x Father’s Day
  • Catch up with my Blog prompts.

I have the ideas I just need to put the topper together.

So that’s pretty much my day. It’s not exciting but I think it was a really nice relaxing weekend. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Take care