Saturday, 12 May 2012

I love storage

Evening all

I am back on track with my blogging I do love the weekends you can catch up with the housework, projects and even blogs.

Day 12: today write about your storage solutions for both outside and inside.

Storage is a big problem for me as I live in a small flat with me and my husband. So when it comes to storage well I think I have most of Wilkinson’s and Argos in my flat for all my stuff.

I'm not trying to say that I live out of boxes but I have to admit I do have a lot of stuff. My main point would be my DVD's I have 3 books shelves filled with TV series, movies and documentaries. It has come to the point where I have to say that I don’t want presents for my birthday even though season 7 of Bones is due to come out in October and there has been a few blockbusters where will want them on DVD or Blu-ray.

By my favourite storage solution has to be my 1Terabyte NAS drive storage. its connected to all my Digital papers and stamps etc. for crafting but it also have all my music as MP3 so the only disk showing are collector’s items which won’t open anymore they are too valuable to us.

You have already seen my crafting wardrobe and Draws where I keep my embelishment and tools when I need them.

I think I need to save up for a bigger house what do you think?

I am off to read other blogs and watch a movie. Night all.