Thursday, 10 May 2012

Books books books

Day 8: the prompt for Tuesday is What book are you reading at the moment? Share a project inspired by this book

This is a strange one to write about as I have just finished re reading a book from James Patterson 4th July.  It’s about a Police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer takes leave from the force after being sued for wrongful death after a recent shootout. She stays at her sister’s house in Half Moon Bay, and reads about murders that resemble one that haunted her for 10 years. She joins with the local police to solve the murders, while dreading her awaiting trial.

But I am also reading and reading more now that I have finished the James Patterson book about Indian fairy tales on my Tablet via Amazon Kindle. They are short stories about 21 fairy tails These Indian tales resemble the stories that flourished in Europe, such as the tales by the Brothers Grimm and by Aesop, although they have an Indian flavour.

I am starting to like my tablet I bought. When I first thought about buying one I just kept thinking I won’t use it and it will be a lot of money for a toy I will use for a month and that’s it. But it’s been 2 months now and I have not put it down. My table is archos 10.1 is so beautiful sleek and light weight. The only problem I have is that it’s not ideal yet for my crafting needs but it’s nice to have on my bed side table I have a bit more space. :-)

I am going to make a card tomorrow as Fridays I have more time to spend crafting and I think I will use the Indian Tales as my theme.