Saturday, 26 May 2012

Craft shop -V- On line

This was a debate that went a bit further then I planned. I had it all ready to publish on Thursday night and then I spoke to my husband when he got home then I was unable to decide until today.

So the question was… Are you (me really) more of a fan of craft shopping online or do you believe in supporting your brick & mortar shop.

I thought on line would get my vote as I can always find the best deals or better value on line if all else fails EBay for those items you’re not willing to pay the earth for.

But then my husband said something that changed my mind. “You drag me out to town so you can visit craft shops like Hobby Craft and The Range so you’re more of a Shop, shop kind of a girl.” But my reason is because I want to see what the product looks like and then compare the price with postage and if it’s better at the shop I go back. Hitchin has a lot of Art shops which stock a bit of craft items but not a huge range. If I want to go to Stevenage and get bits at the big craft shops I tend to do my research first at mad about cards or do crafts and way up the £2.50 ticket that gets me to Stevenage and see who wins.

But then I go to create and crafts website and see deals you just can’t say no to and plus I get 10% off the price as well for being a member which make me keep changing my mind.

So when I got home I asked my sister what she thinks as she know what I’m like and what I’m thinking. She also agreed with Dave that I am more of a hand on look then buy person and I spend too much money in shops so I’m really confused. Can’t I just like both…?

Yes I can. Both have good qualities that I cannot tell apart. I love to walk in to an art/craft shop and look at products that have details on and bits you have not seen on line before. In Stevenage there is an indoor market where I have found this lovely small cramped with goodies shop/stall she had some beautiful topper and decoupage sheets that I have not seen online or seen in the big stores. Which reminds me I have to go back there for something else, but it was so nice a little Aladdin’s cave with embellishments and tools for crafting.