Friday, 19 February 2016

Mothers Day Presents

Evening all

Hope everyone is ok?

This week I have been working on mothers day stuff. My cards are drying so I will upload them soon. But what I wanted to show you today is something I saw on a website Beads Direct. This video inspired me to make something extra for my mum.

In the video it went on to say there is a kit you can work with but I have so many beads in my craft room I just got the bits and used what I had.

So here it is my complete bag charm for my mum, I hope you like it.

I made 2 of them. 1 in Pink the other Purple. Both have the same charm at the end.
Each took me 30 mins to make. Once I got the hang of making the loops for each bead I got quicker making them.
I also found it easier to make the beads and set out which each chain was going to hold then I stared to build on to it.
It was so much fun.
Well its Friday night and Mr Selfridge has started. See you guys soon.