Sunday, 13 March 2016

How I've Grown

Hi All 

Hope you are all well? 

Strange yet interesting thing happened yesterday. I was scrolling through my old cards that I have taken pictures of and noticed my crafting has changed and become better with age. 

I started making cards back in 2008. It was my mother in law who introduced me to crafting really. She has her own craft space and made cards before I knew her and she let me go in there to make cards for family.

I started to get the bug and got a few things by myself and borrowed bit from her room if I could not find what I was looking for.  

Looking at my history, my first card I made was for mothers day's in March 2008 so here it is. 

My first card ever back in 2008
I did laugh at my self as it shows that I knew nothing about crafting and in crafting terms such a child at the start.

8 years later and this is what I have my mother in law and my mum for mothers day.

Mothers Day Card 2016

My Jewelry has had the same experience.

I made all these when I was in class for making custom jewelry in 2008.

Now a days I watch a lot of videos and read what others are making. But when I do make pieces they look like this. 

Self evaluation...

I have grown up in my crafting and I am so proud with myself as 8 years ago I did not believe in myself and getting praise for my work still shocks me. 

I have been very busy this week and I cant wait to show you all in the next few days. 

enjoy your Sunday. 

Mel xx