Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Funny Story

So I got home Monday evening planing to write my blog to show case all the cards I made last week when... My lovely husband looks at me with his sad eyes an said to me. "I cant find my phone" 

He tracked it down through GPS and we can see that its traveling to Cambridge. If anyone picked up his phone and saw the bunch of miss calls from one person to then find out its on silent. Long story short I have spent 2 and half hours going to Cambridge and back with hubby dearest to get his phone back. I cant thanks the team over there as a member of staff found it answered the 8th time I called and looked after it till we got there.

I have a nice hot cup of tea at 9.30pm and I am really excited to tell you all what I have done last week and where I am now with all my cards for the period of March.

Leaving Cards

I had quite a few people leave work this month that I have been very busy trying to make lovely cards for people I know and I am going to miss now that they are gone.

So I will start at the top.

A good friend of mine has moved to Cornwall to be closer to her family.


A colleague at work was retiring this month so I made a lovely fishing card for him with loads of jokes to entertain his grand kids with now that he will be at home more.

I just finished this card last Thursday I am very proud of this one. So my Friend Liz who I have know for 7 years now at work is leaving us for pastures new. I have no doubt that I will see her again through night outs etc but we always had a laugh and supported each other in different roles we have gone through over the years. So I really wanted to make a special card for her, and here it is. She has not seen it yet but I have asked everyone she has worked with for funny stories and picture I can put inside to remember the good and ad times while she has been working with us.


I hope you all like what I have done last week. Have a lovely evening. I am off to bake a cake for work now.

Mel xx