Friday, 5 February 2016

Birthday Cards

Hi All

If you saw my post yesterday I was talking about how I started to improve on my digital crafting using CraftArtist 2 software by Serif.

After I had a play following the steps on the mother's day theam I started to have a go for this months birthday cards.

My first one was for my Aunty Maureen. I have gone with the same design as my magazine.

The design from Serif Software
Final card

My second was for my Mum. This time I went with flowers.Now you card see it but I have added glitter glue on the flowers. 


My final card was for my Dad. I used the Roald Dahl collection to make this.


So I hope you guys like these. I know my family will. Next month I think I will do more jewelry pieces and print our my mother's day cards. 

Have a lovely weekend and happy crafting.