Monday, 2 March 2015

Showcase of 2014.

Hi everyone.

Here is all the cards I have made over 2014. Sorry I did not show it off sooner but I hope you all like them.

What to make out of a sheet of toppers?
When you have cratfers block I feel the best thing to do is print a few toppers and backing papers and start mixing things around. I eventually made 4 cards in 1 days over the weekend all ready for friends birthday's


a few more birthday cards I did in February and March. I went straight into my Art Deco box of goodies and made this lovely card using my deco embossing template for the mirror card it made a great addition to my topper.

This was my favorite card I made this for my dad for his birthday but I do not have any Distress inks to give the old vintage look I was trying to go for. My Husband reminded me of the old tried and tested trick tea bag.

so while making a cup of tea I made a weak version to put in my water bush and got to work on the topper. Had to wait a few days for the smell to leave the paper but I got the result I was looking for and was very happy to send to my Dad. :-)

Mother and Father's Day

For mothers day I decided to do an origami topper and use some free papers from do craft to make as a backing paper

 on fathers day I was reading my monthly magazine (cardmaking & papercraft) and saw in the issue a simple template. So I went into my stash of papers I keep from magazines and created this card for fathers day. 

I know it looks too simple but I promise you trying to get the size right and fit took me a while to get right. But I love the colors it was very manly. 

Weddings and Anniversary's

In May my husband's cousin got married so I made this shaker card and found this elegant silhouette of a married couple. I punched out some love hearts to illustrate confetti in my shaker card.  

This was my hardest card to make. 

My friend asked me to make a card for her friend's wedding anniversary. Her friend is a spiritualist / angelic artist, so I was asked to make a card but to have her art work somewhere in the card. 

I am telling you guys I have never been so nervous making this card so I decided that a shaker card might do the trick. 

not only did my friend loved it but so did her friend the moment she saw her angel on the card she was very touched. 

This was my favorite card I made, this for my 
in-laws I used every embossing techniques I had in my craft cupboard and created this card. 
June / July
Around this time of year its always busy in the Oliver household. We have 5 birthdays that's a lot of presents and cards to get and make. On top of them this year I was asked to create 2 cards for work. 

Cupcake card for my Aunty
Birthday card for my Sister-in-law
I love flower fairies

Birthday card for my Uncle
He knows his wine 
My mother-in-law loves her bears
so this was a pleasure to make a card
with something she loves

I made this card for my father-in-law
for his birthday. 


In June I was asked to make a get well soon card for someone who was on long term sick. 

As you I do I went through my flower fairies CD-roms and saw this pretty design. 

I made this as colorful as I could as that would cheer anyone up when they get a card.

I recently changed jobs and there was a team members birthday. I took the challenge and made this card using my craft studio to design card. 

Family Birthdays

I don't know why but I thought doing a child's birthday card will be easy.

But when you try to do a card for a family member you do not see often. Its quite hard. But then I remembered that I bought some boys CD-roms from create and craft so was very chuffed with the result.  

I do love making a card with flowers. I am not sure why they are easy to make. 

I made this for a cousin of mine can you guess how old she is? :-)

As time passes and I get stressed make male cards ideas keep coming and this was very easy and enjoyable to make for my cousin for his birthday. 

I love christmas but I do find it hard to make all the family cards in time, clear my craft corner to do the decoration and put up the tree. 

What I love about planning the Christmas cards if getting the theme. This year I really wanted to be a bit artistic and though origami folding. 

The papers had to be durable but then not to heavy that I can't make the folds. I spoke to a colleague of mine at work who is the queen of paper and card and asked for her advise. She recommended a new paper stock she purchased for the college and we did some test printing to see if this would work for my card. so here they are each card had the same topper but I made each card different so they were not all the same. 

This card I made for my husband as he saw how much work I put in with the others and I like to surprise him and he did not expect it knowing how many cards I made for the family he really thought that he was getting one of the above. 

so there you go. All of my cards I have created last year. I do hope you enjoyed looking though it, I am going to do my up most to post them regularly